The Promised Land

Day 63 to Day 67

8-15-14 and 9-12-14 sessions

The Tribe planned their escape to leave the slave compound with the slaves who were converted. After breaking in and grabbing their own items from the Barracks (with the help of paying off some guards with their own treasures) and hiding them, some of the group found that the work crews in the obsidian mines were mining in new areas. An ancient dwarven civilization was found underground with mine carts leading throughout the caves, however Ja’th and Seluku also found that Hellavina’s theory has come true in that the mines are caving in due to the constant strain on the earth.

Through an animal messenger the group receives word that Jericho has decided to stay in Tyr as he feels the Promised Land is not real. They also find out that a distraction will be made the next day for them to get out of the slave compound. Once the group is ready, the next day comes and they are broadsided by being summoned to Master Larok’s office. While being interrogated, they are able to steal the key to their collars that seal their powers. Suddenly, a large explosion is heard and a militia of elves come into the compound fighting the guards.

The group, knowing this is their distraction, remove the collars, grab their gear, and get the rest of the Tribe within the slave compound (although Nazarr’s daughter is killed in the skirmish) and begin to head towards the mines (finding that the carts will be their only real escape route). They hop on the mine carts with Master Larok and some of his men chasing after the Tribe in carts of their own. They are able to fend of the guards and (last the group sees) a cave in destroys Master Larok’s cart. They escape the mountain tunnels and find that Urik has partially been sunken in due to the earthquakes from the obsidian mine. Half of Hamanu’s palace is gone with random sections of the city in similar fashion. Hollykahn comes up to the group with elven archers at her side. A long tension-filled pause is erased by Hollykahn as she embraces her sister after many years of separation. The elf says, “My sister, I have missed you all these years. I forgive you for all that has happened. Your penance is fulfilled, especially after all you have done for me and your new friends. Your fellow tribesman, Mantizh, has told me everything. We will help you escape and hold off Hamanu and his soldiers for as long as we can.”

Hellavina is grateful and, even though she wishes to be with her sister, she asks if she can join the Tribe instead. Coraline says, “Of course, you already are a part of the Tribe,” as they embrace. A light shines from the rainbow feather on Coraline’s head and, miraculously, Hellavina’s left hand is restored fully.

Once the Tribe is ready to go, Coraline receives a vision from the Chief who says, “The Tribe is together, now follow the crown.” The crown of dust begins to light up on Ryukin’s head at the same time. As he turns his head in a specific direction it begins to shimmer showing the way they must go: Northwest. Before leaving, though, Nadarr says, “I will help Hollykahn and her militia so that you can get to the Promised Land. If I live after this, I will find my family who I lost many years ago as I feel that that is where my destiny lies.” After some hearty handshakes and hugs, the group parts ways with their friends and begin their three day trek northwest.

The sun is unbearable and the food and water has all run out for the Tribe. All seems lost until finally they arrive at a canyon that has a large portal like structure. Knowing they are close they begint to realize that they must plant the two desert seeds into the center of the ground by the portal. However, a mob of skeletons and a group of templars blocks their path. On top of the canyon cliffs is the dreaded Hamanu, controlling the skeletons. “You have bothered me for the last time!” shouts Hamanu. Ja’th sprints forward trying to duck and weave past the skeletons and plants the first seed. Though he begins to be surrounded by the enemies. The group fights as Seluku says, “I know when I must enter the gate to plant the last seed, just buy me some time.” So the Tribe fights with all they got.

A bright blue light flashes as the terrain around them begins to crack and shift. Seluku makes his way towards the gate and Hamanu jumps down the cliff in desperation, knowing this is going to be bad for him. The skeleton mobs drop to the ground, lifeless, as Hamanu begins to cast spells at the group. But it’s too late, Seluku gets there in time and a bright green light blinds everyone in the canyon; Seluku is seen obliterated by the energy. The gate appears to open to a land they have never seen before: lush grass, forests of green, waterfalls cascading, and before them, a figure: The Chief. A simple hand gesture from the Chief sends Hamanu flying out of the canyon like a ragdoll in the wind.

The calm Chief looks at the Tribe as all the enemies have died or have run away. He says, “Well done my faithful Tribe, the Promised Land awaits you.” He offers his hand to each of the Tribesmen: Mantizh, his Thrikreen friend Kahool, Nazarr, his son Ool’rong, Coraline, Hellevina, Ja’th, Keturah, Ryukin, Rath, and Yogi.

Everyone grabs his hand (with Ja’th’s hand fully restored as well once touching the Chief) and enters the gate. As they step into the light a calmness surrounds them. They look at their armor and weapons and realize they are no longer needed. They smile wide as the Chief says, “Your journey is not over yet, but you will no longer travel alone again.” Off in the distance by a large tree is a waving humanoid. The Tribe squints, unable to see in the bright calm light. Their eyes begin to focus though and their hearts are filled with joy as they see their rock friend, Seluku, calling to them. He yells with acclamation, “Welcome Home!”




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