The Promised Land

Day 55, Night

4-18-14 session and 5-22-14 session

The group finished off the ghosts in the entrance way. They continued into the ancient tomb and come into a large cave with a secret door leading further underground. Before the Tribe opens the door they are confronted by a tribe of thri-kreen. They are hesitant to trust the Tribe, but after the party convinces them they are doing the same thing in protecting the desert seed, they join forces. They agree to keep any of the Templars from attacking them as they continue further into the tomb.

Most of the Tribe continue down into the secret tunnel and come to a lush garden underground. A withering tree stands before them with one single cone: another desert seed. But it’s protected by an ancient spirit and his minions from anyone to take it. Even though he believes the Tribe to have good intentions for the desert seed, he must still protect it. And with that, he attacks the party.



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