The Promised Land

Day 55, Morning to Night

3-21-14 session

The Tribe is awoken by guards, screaming and ordering them to move outside. The 8 of them gather, with Master Larok telling them to get into a wagon. They are taken out of the city of Urik and travel east (towards the storms they heard the night before) for many hours in silence. They arrive at a canyon in the middle of a dust storm. Master Larok explains that they are being put to work on behalf of King Hamanu. Their collars are released and they are given all of their weapons, armor and items (except their food and water). They must find a Tree of Life and Desert Seed that is somewhere in this area. If they do so, they will be given food and water for their services and will return back to the city of Urik; they are still considered slaves of Urik.

The Tribe sizes up the templar guards with them and it seems they have many tough half-giants with them in case they try to overtake the soldiers of Urik. Realizing that doing their given task is the only way they will survive out here in the middle of nowhere, the Tribe reluctantly agrees.

They begin scouring the area, finding that the primal spirits in the area are trying to lead the group to one particular place in the dust storm. They arrive but are attacked by hurt Tembos. After making quick work of the beasts, they find a stone door underneath some rocks. The tembos had nothing on them except for some peculiar collars, different from their own. In fact, they realize that many templars of the city-state of Raam (not far from here) are known to have tembos as guard dogs for themselves.

The group enters the stone door going underneath the ground and find it lined with green moss and vines. It seems a tree of life could be somewhere inside. The group travels the ancient corridors as it has not been disturbed in many hundreds of years, maybe even thousands.

They are “greeted” by ghosts who begin to attack the party, thinking they are servants of Nibenay. The group is able to convince one of the ghosts that they don’t serve Nibenay and, in fact, want to protect the tree of life. So the ghost leaves for the afterlife but the other protecting servants and creepy crawlers inside think otherwise as the fight continues.



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