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  • Jericho

    This middle aged human male has been through many different villages before settling with The Tribe. He's seen them come and go just as quick as what happened to the Tribe. He's skeptical about traveling with the group but wants to help find the …

  • Ravee

    A freelance thief in Tyr who has drawn the attention of the [[Toothercutters | Toothercutters]] in a negative way. He has not seen or spoken to his father, [[:toramund | Toramund]], in many years.

  • The Gardner

    The person who holds the answer to what [[:the-desert-seed]] is used for and how the Tribe can use it to find [[The Promised Land | The Promised Land]]. This person is located in [[Tyr | Tyr]], that's the only info. [[:ja-th | Ja'th]] was given in his …

  • Ryukin

    This half elf diplomat of Tyr holds a secret, he not only practices magic but works with the Veiled Alliance. He has heard of the "Tribe" and wishes to help them in their endeavors in hopes that the Veiled Alliance will be recognized as a good group to …

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