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  • Chief

    Loving, caring, fair, just. The Chief took care of the Tribe well. No one really remembers who was before him as Chief, but no one cared.

  • Coraline

    Elf druid who has lived with the Tribe for many years. Even though she's an elf, the [[:chief | Chief]] welcomed her into the village with open arms many years ago. Her and her bear have kept the village healthy using the natural plants around them.

  • Ja'th

    This Thri-Kreen monk is a desert nomad who was saved by the [[:chief | Chief]] only weeks ago as he ran out of water and food amidst his travels. The Tribe welcomed him and took care of him so Ja'th felt he owed the Tribe at least some of his time here.

  • Nadarr

    This dragonborn ("Dray" in dark sun) fighter has the scars of a gladiator though with his few short years here in the Tribe he has never mentioned where he got them from. He has the finesse of an arena warrior but no one knows how he came across those …

  • Yogi

    This bear has been with Coraline for many years and many say they have never seen such a beast before. It's short hair keeps itself cool in the day and warm during the cold desert nights.

  • Jericho

    This middle aged human male has been through many different villages before settling with The Tribe. He's seen them come and go just as quick as what happened to the Tribe. He's skeptical about traveling with the group but wants to help find the …

  • Rath

    This large bugbear was found in a cavern called "the face in the stone." He was bound up by Hejkins to be feasted upon for later. Luckily, the Tribe found him and offered him safe passage outside once they were done with their mission. He agreed and has …

  • Keturah

    This dryad was born out of the desert seed and is now helping the Tribe find the Promised Land. She is an artificer who knows how to create and enhance items for the party. She is unique to their world as hamadryads do not exist at all in Athas.

  • Nazarr

    This dwarf slave of Urik has lived his whole life in the slave compound of Urik, treating Hamanu as a god. He has thought his life has been good til this point until the Tribe shows him that Hamanu is evil and offers him to be a part of their Tribe. He …

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