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  • Kaldras

    This elf peddler is traveling from Tyr to Altaruk to get to the elven markets there to trade. He hires the Tribe to help on his way to Altaruk with his caravan as bodyguards after he was saved by the Tribe.

  • Tellemon

    This stern, late 20's, man has scars upon his body and he wears them with pride; these badges of courage shows that he has seen many fights in and around the city to keep it's population safe. He carries a steel short sword, valuable beyond belief yet no …

  • Hamanu

    “I am Hamanu, King of the World, King of the Mountains and the Plains, King of Urik, for whom the roaring winds and the mighty sun have decreed a destiny of heroism, and to whom the life-giving waters and nourishing soils have entrusted the mightiest city …

  • Yarnath

    Also known as Yarnath the Skull, he is a powerful defiler who used a ritual to create a moving citadel from the animate skeletons of colossal bony creatures. The citadel, Slither, crawls across sandy wastes, scrub plains, salt flats and ridged foothills …

  • Master Larok

    This tough human has been the head director of the slave compound in Urik for a few years. He is ruthless to troublesome slaves but tries to show compassion whenever he can.

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