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  • Coraline

    Elf druid who has lived with the Tribe for many years. Even though she's an elf, the [[:chief | Chief]] welcomed her into the village with open arms many years ago. Her and her bear have kept the village healthy using the natural plants around them.

  • Kaldras

    This elf peddler is traveling from Tyr to Altaruk to get to the elven markets there to trade. He hires the Tribe to help on his way to Altaruk with his caravan as bodyguards after he was saved by the Tribe.

  • Ravee

    A freelance thief in Tyr who has drawn the attention of the [[Toothercutters | Toothercutters]] in a negative way. He has not seen or spoken to his father, [[:toramund | Toramund]], in many years.

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