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  • Kaldras

    This elf peddler is traveling from Tyr to Altaruk to get to the elven markets there to trade. He hires the Tribe to help on his way to Altaruk with his caravan as bodyguards after he was saved by the Tribe.

  • Tellemon

    This stern, late 20's, man has scars upon his body and he wears them with pride; these badges of courage shows that he has seen many fights in and around the city to keep it's population safe. He carries a steel short sword, valuable beyond belief yet no …

  • Birk Suntouched

    He hired a goliath gladiator to kill Captain [[:tellemon | Tellemon]] because Tellemon was preparing to take down the Governor, [[:arisphistaneles | Arisphistaneles]] since he is part of the Veiled Alliance. Birk is part of the cell group of Veiled …

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