The Promised Land

Day 2, Morning to Day 5, Morning
6-8-12 session

The group settles in for the night there in the tower. They gain some treasures and were able to save the captured people: Jericho and Kaldras. In the middle of the night, Jericho gives Coraline a small pouch that has The Desert Seed. He knows this item will be important in finding the Promised Land but he is scared to try and find it as it seems to be a very dangerous journey.

Realizing their trails to find more survivors of the Tribe has been lost to the blown sand over their paths, they agree to take Kaldras back to the road to find his elven family traders who he was with before he was captured by the Ssurran. He takes them to the road to the north and the group decides to head to Altaruk with them as bodyguards for Kaldras and his family of traders. The journey is long and arduous but they get to Altaruk.

Along the way they are attacked by raiders. Most are slaves and they are let go by the Tribe yet they mercilessly kill the lead raider after trying to intimidate him for information. Kaldras questions the group’s reasons and they basically say, “Kill or be killed. Slavery is wrong.” Kaldras lets it go but seems surprised.

After getting to Altaruk at the elven market the group thinks they are going to be paid for their troubles. But Kaldras has other plans: He betrays the party to try and capture the group to become slaves themselves. Kaldras is careful as the fight begins because he states he fears the same thing could happen to him as the other slaver trader who they killed earlier.

Day 1, Afternoon to Night
5-25-12 session

The group fought the Kruthiks and vanquished them finding more loot among the remains of the wagon (lucky for Nadarr, since he broke his axe in the fight, he found a new one made of stone). The group continues to a weathered, broken tower finding the the silt runners’ hideout. Two humanoid bodies lay bound inside the tower and the group charges in to save them. The fight turns ugly as Ja’th almost drops but luckily the group comes together strategically and they destroy many of the monsters though one of the silt runners escapes the tower. Ja’th and Coraline are able to save the dying hostage that day as well, so they have saved two people that day. The Tribe recognizes that one of the captured people is from the Tribe.

Day 1, Morning to Afternoon
4-12-12 session

Destruction. Nothing is left of the Tribe. The village of tents have been destroyed, the people are missing or dead, the place has been picked clean. The Tribe has always been good to the characters and these turn of events has devastated them all. Everyone they knew is dead or missing. The characters: Coraline, Ja’th, Nadarr, and Seluku, they only have each other now in the harsh desert world of Athas.

The characters have lived a pretty peaceful life while with the Tribe: Game was always plenty, water from the well never dried up, and the monsters would tend to not come into the Farm’s territory. Though the crops were very few there, it got them by throughout the year. Now, things are different, the characters might pick up a farmer’s hoe and realize it is what will keep them alive from danger. But weapons are not the most important survival items for them, it’s actually the Chief’s words.

No one really remembers who was before him as chief, but then again, no one cared. He was loving, caring, fair, and just. What made him that way was because of his wisdom. He always had the right thing to say to each member of the Tribe. Some would use it to it’s full potential while others would squander it. To each of the characters, he has welcomed them into the Tribe despite what others might have said to these strangers. The Chief shared love and wisdom in his own way to each of them.

The characters, who were away in the chaos, come back to the Farm and begin to search the remains of their village and come across broken debris on top of the dying Chief. They try to heal him but realize he only has moments til death, so they take the moment to hear his parting words.

‘Heed my words, my children, my time is short. The Farm is no more, our land has been taken by an oppressor. It is no longer safe in this territory. Many have perished, others were taken by the unknown force. You are all that remains of the Tribe. Where were you in our time of need?’

Where were they indeed. Well, the characters decided that maybe there was something better for the Tribe rather than the Farm. For the past few morning hours they left the Farm to try and find better land to live on. Maybe some of them thought they could bring the Tribe there, maybe some of them though they could live on their own. Regardless, their time away from the Tribe spelled “Doom” to them all.

The characters are quite silent in their response as they only ask for forgiveness. The Chief winces in pain as some of the debris covering him shifts around on top of him, ‘Listen carefully,’ as he begins to cough, ‘One of you must lead the remaining members of our Tribe to a better world.’ He presents his chieftain feather to the group and continues, ‘I have told you in many stories of the land full of water and game. A place where we can finally call home: The Promised Land. Whoever holds the feather will take the responsibility of the Tribe to find the Promised Land. The good spirits of the land will be your guide. Follow them! But, a warning, the one who bears the feather will hold much stress as well as respect from the fellow tribesmen. So choose carefully.’

The group looks amongst each other, quiet to respond at first. Nadarr and Seluku make the suggestion that Coraline should be the Chieftain as she has been with the Tribe longer than any other people here. She also holds an affinity with the good primal spirits of the land and can communicate with them as the Chief directed. With a bit of hesitation, she takes the feather from the Chief and becomes the Chieftain of the Tribe.

The Chief strains, ‘Go now, search for survivors in hopes that the Tribe is still thriving. Remember, I will be with you always.’ And with that, the Chief passes away.

The group, in the midst of their sadness, realize they must search for survivors and equipment for themselves in the rubble. They do so and find wagon tracks leading North. They follow them in hopes to find any survivors or the evil forces that did this. They instead find Silt Runners who ambush them in their travels. They fight and the Tribe is victorious in slaying the beasts. They procure items and continue to search for the wagon and continue traveling a couple more miles in the heat.

They come across the abandoned wagon that is surrounded by Kruthiks. Ja’th, in compassion of his insect cousins, decides that the group should just try and sneak in to see what’s inside the wagon. They do notice another mile north is a half buried tower. Chieftain Coraline agrees, and Ja’th, with the help of the group, sneaks into the wagon and takes what few remains are inside it as much of the food and water that was in it is now scattered on the ground where the Kruthiks have scavenged. Ja’th doesn’t find any bodies at all as it seems they have been dragged north. He almost makes it back to the group but alerts the insect monsters to their presence and a fight ensues.


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