The Promised Land

Day 17, Morning to Afternoon
8-30-13 session

The group continued into the cave. They came across a bugbear tied up. They freed him and found him not to be much of a talker. But they got his name out of him: Rath. The barbarian wanted to help the group since they freed him from being eaten by Hejkins so he follows them deeper into the caverns.

The Tribe and their friends come across a chamber where they are attacked by evil spirits and a very large bone construct. After defeating them, the group finds a throne the construct was sitting on. Ryukin decides to sit in it and see if it’s magical at all. Boy, was it! He found himself having a vision of a great snake trekking across a green Athas from long ago. Ja’th removes him from it just in case but that is all that happens to Ryukin after seeing a splendid vision.

The group continues into the next room, only to be attacked by undead once again. Ja’th disturbs an urn and, in turn, becomes blind for disrespecting the slumbering dead. After the fight the group continues to check the other urns. Ja’th checks out one urn while the rest take safety in the previous room. There, they are confronted by a group of mercenaries the come from behind them.

Day 16, Afternoon to Day 17, Morning
7-19-13 session

The group takes care of the rest of the Hejkin tribe that situated itself inside the caves though it almost cost them their lives. Winded, the Tribe and their friend, Ryukin, rest inside the cave for the night.

They continue through the main door of the caverns with the help of the Hejkin Chief’s key they found. They find what seems to be a strange altar room inside, haunted by undead creatures. They easily vanquish the cursed beasts inside and continue deeper into the cave.

Day 16, Afternoon
6-6-13 session

The group happily accepts Ryukin to the group and begins their journey through the dust storm. With the aid of tying a rope to each other, the group steps into the storm one at a time and trudges through the kicking sand. After some hardship, they arrive in the eye of the storm, seeing a cave with a shape of a humanoid face on it. However, strange creatures “welcome” them as they enter the cave and the group is attacked by Hejkins. The group vanquishes the monsters and disables the electric obelisk traps that were harming them as well.

They find a door (writings of Ul-Athra are etched upon it) that is locked and is also trapped by the same electric obelisk trap that harmed them earlier. The group decides to head further into the cave, ignoring the door for now. They come across something they have never seen before: a stream of water that pools in the center of the tunnel. Nadarr and Ja’th are so overwhelmed by the sight of such a strange and wonderful stream (Ja’th for a moment even believes this might be the Promised Land), that they go on all fours and begin to drink merrily the delicious water. But, it seems they are not alone as more Hejkins seem to take residence in this part of the tunnel and some strange creature is residing at the bottom of the pool. The group is attacked again.

Day 14, Morning to Day 16, Morning
5-23-13 session

After a few more days of hot travels across the world of Athas, the Tribe finds a large dust devil storm rising from a valley. Their clues have led them to believe that what they are trying to find is within the center of the dust devil storm.

They approach the storm and find a bunch of raiders have attacked a caravan of traders. The group is able to vanquish the raiders but lose a few of the caravan traders who were thrown into the storm by the raiders. Luckily, they are helped in this hard fight by one of the kidnapped traders named Ryukin. It actually turns out that this half-elf is actually a noble from Tyr who was traveling the dunes in search of the Tribe. The reason is that he is a secret Veiled Alliance supporter in Tyr and has heard of their new members that have been helping them (i.e. the “Tribe”). After hearing their heroics Ryukin finally worked up the nerve to leave his safe haven home in Tyr and help in a more direct way for the Veiled Alliance. Through subtle code words to the Tribe he finds that they are a part of the Veiled Alliance too and these are the ones he is looking for. He decides to help the Tribe in their adventure into the Dust Storm, though he’s not too thrilled with going into such a dangerous place.

Day 11, Morning to Day 14, Morning
4-11-13 session

The group went to buy and sell some equipment at the bazaar. They also came in contact with a Veiled Alliance member to buy some magic items from him. Afterward, they are confronted by Templars of Hamanu who demand for them to give up in their endeavors. The Tribe refuses and a market place brawl erupts. The Tribe wins and runs away before the local militia arrives to confront them.

They begin their trip immediately looking through the wastelands for the “Face in the Stone.” During their three day trek, they are ambushed by crystal spiders but they are easily vanquished.

Day 10, Afternoon to Day 11, Morning
3-1-13 session

The group was able to take on the remaining assassins though they almost died. The Tribe is able to take the treasure into Tyr (luckily Ja’th was able to drive one of the skiffs himself since one of the pilots died in the last skirmish). They are paid handsomely and are told they always will have a job at House Wavir with Rhotan.

The group goes to find the contact for The Veiled Alliance. After searching through the market, they come across what seems to be a waste of open space: rocks formed into small piles with some created into short rock people. It’s quiet and creepy at first but the eerie silence is broken by a familiar whistle. On the deck of what seems to be someone’s home, is Jericho, sweeping with a hay broom. He sees the group and welcomes them with a wave.

Jericho was told by Arisphistaneles to go to Tyr and work for the Veiled Alliance members there. He now works for Karlen, head of the Veiled Alliance here in Tyr and also owner of this shop of trinkets. The group meets the halfling, Karlen, an old man who is trying to renounce his ways of cannibalism (as common for halflings). They meet him and he says, “It’s good to finally meet the enemies of House Tsalaxa. They deserved what they had coming to them. Back in my day my clan would always have problems with them on our hunting ground. But I guess they didn’t like us too much since we used to, you know, eat them. Anyway, that’s behind me now. I’m with the Veiled Alliance now. The Templars here in Tyr have been very concerned of our recent activity. Now that you have completed your test and are officially with the Veiled Alliance now, we could definitely use your help.”

Before continuing Ja’th asks if he knows anything about who The Gardner is and Karlen says it’s him though he hasn’t been called that in many years. The halfling explains that he’s always tried growing things here at his shop for many years and usually it would never work, but he was diligent and was given the nickname “The Gardner.” Ja’th explains his dreamlike prophecy from the Chief to find him and ask about the purpose of the Desert Seed (even though Ja’th doesn’t know what that is). Coraline reveals that she has the Desert Seed, given to her from Jericho who received it from the original Chief.

After running some alchemical tests on the Seed and verifying that it actually is the Desert Seed, Karlen says, “The Desert Seed is a powerful item that is fabled to show the way to a great place. This remarkable seed can guide the one who ingests it where this Promised Land is, a place where there is no pain or suffering, just life. But the bad news is that the one who eats the seed WILL die before arriving at the Promised Land themselves. History shows,” as he begins to pull out scrolls, “that if they take the seed, it will give them vision for the next step to the Promised Land. It’s quite extraordinary really. Many thought it to be folklore but you showed me otherwise.”

The Tribe now must face a decision: someone must eat the seed now so that it can never be taken away, but who will be the bearer of such a burden? The group all make their cases saying that they each should take the fall and eat the seed. They all agree Coraline, as the Chief of the Tribe, should not eat it. They also think that Coarline should choose who will eat it since everyone is arguing that they should sacrifice themselves. Seluku makes the case that he should take it since life for him has been never ending and now this gives him a chance to not only do something good for the Tribe but also experience a new adventure he has never experienced before: Death. Coraline makes the hard decision and gives the seed to the shardmind who takes it into himself. He feels an energy he’s never felt before and the seed embeds itself into his forehead. He has a vision from the original Chief who says: The Face in the Stone. A lost shrine where evil stirs. Find it, and you will find the Crown of Dust.

The group rests there at Karlen’s shop for the night before heading out to the bazaar.

Day 9, Afternoon to Day 10, Afternoon
1-10-13 session

The group packed up the treasure with the wagons they brought. They interrogate the arcane defiler who reveals that they work for House Tsalaxa. They tie him up and throw him in the cart for now.

They begin their travels towards Tyr with the treasure found but are nervous of raiders and monsters who might attack the slow sand skiffs. During the night they are ambushed by a Silk Wyrm who tries to eat Nadarr but they drive the monster off as it slinks away into the night, licking its wounds.

They get up early in the morning and travel throughout the rest of the day and as the sun is about to go down for the night they see the city-state of Tyr. However, they are greeted by more assassins of House Tsalaxa (the Tribe presumes) and are attacked head on.

Day 9, Morning to Afternoon
12-27-12 session

The Tribe worked the special arcane lock on the large door to the Vault of Darom Madar. After easily bypassing the traps on the door, they step in to the large, treasure-laden room. But the coins are protected by the one who rightfully holds the treasure: Darom Madar himself! The now undead being immediately begins to decimate the crew and almost wins. But the group vanquishes (twice!) the oath wight, finally putting him to rest.

They look about the room and take their share of the treasure before reporting back to Rhotan Vor of their glorious find. But they are confronted outside in the canyon by the same elf assassins who got away from their skirmish the other day, this time bringing some friends of theirs. They thank the heroes for clearing out the vault and immediately attack the Tribe. The heroes, with the help of Rhotan Vor who heals Seluku in the midst of the fight, are just able to claim victory over the mysterious assassins. In the end, Ja’th is able to knock out and bind the defiler wizard who was with them in order to interrogate him later.

Day 9, Morning
11-8-12 session

The Tribe continued further into the vault the following morning. They rush in as they know they only have today to clear the vault out and get back to the wagons. But they rush too quickly as they are confronted by more undead: ghosts and phantoms who wish for the group to leave their place of slumber. The heroes try to understand why these aberrations are angry and find that the stone pillar in the middle of the room is evil in nature, fueling the undead with rage. They destroy the stone and vanquish the phantoms. But it was a close call, Ja’th fell from a killing blow from one of the ghosts but, miraculously, got up. Upon being knocked out, he hears the voice of the original Chief telling him to get up and finish their quest as the thri-kreen’s job is yet from over, and the Chief is able to bring him back to his feet. The Chief says to find The Gardner in Tyr and they will tell them what the purpose of The Desert Seed is.

Day 7, Afternoon to Day 8, Night
10-26-12 session

The group met with Toramund who, after some persuasion, was able to give the Tribe information on where to find the Vault of Darom Madar. They also found out that the letter they gave him was about grave news of his son, Ravee who might be in danger in Tyr.

The group takes the caravan to the Canyon of Gothay where they take a day and a half to find the entrance to the vault. The caravan says they only have 3 days to find it before they leave for Tyr.

The group enters the antechamber of the vault and are attacked by zombies and skeletons who have been created to protect the vault from intruders. The group then spends the night there with no problems and get a good night’s rest.


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