The Gardner

Karlen, Veiled Alliance member of Tyr


The person who holds the answer to what The Desert Seed is used for and how the Tribe can use it to find The Promised Land. This person is located in Tyr, that’s the only info. Ja’th was given in his divine vision from the Chief. The group finds this halfling who seems to try and keep his cannibalistic natures in control. He hired Jericho to help him in his gardening/knick knack shop in Tyr because of his ties with the Tribe and Altaruk’s Veiled Alliance.

Karlen is an old Halfling who hobbles along in life with a bum leg. He’s a bit crotchety though many try not to get on his bad side as no one wants a hungry and angry halfling near them for fear of their life.

He’s able to help the Tribe understand what the Desert Seed’s purpose is.

The Gardner

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