The Promised Land

Day 55, night to Day 63, morning

Sessions 6-10-14 and 7-11-14

The fight was long and hard for the Tribe, but they emerged victorious. The ghost heeded a warning in his final moments that whoever holds the desert seed will have heavy decisions to make. The remaining Thri-Kreen help the Tribe in getting out through a secret passage since Templars of Raam are trying to find them now.

The escape out a secret passage and fight a few of the templars of Raam as they make their escape and escort the rest of the Thri-Kreen to safety. With the dead of night on their side, the group hides in the canyons. Before meeting with the slave owners of Urik, “Mahntizh” (one of the Thri-Kreen) says they want to join their Tribe. Coraline accepts them warmly into the Tribe. They give the seed to Mahntizh and two of the other Thri-Kreen are ordered by Coraline to get Jericho from Tyr as their time is drawing to an end soon since they have found all the pieces necessary to find the Promised Land. But they must go back to Urik and get the rest of their Tribe from the slave pits. Mahntizh says he will help them escape in two weeks time as their informant on the outside.

They rejoin the templars of Urik, finding that they have found the other Templars and have killed them during the night. Master Larok asks them where they have been and they lie saying they did not find the desert seed. Because of their betrayal, he flays off one of the arms of Ja’th and says, “We will see what Hamanu has to say to your insubordination.”

One week goes by in travel as they return to the slave compound, healed to full, though Ja’th’s extra arms aren’t functioning anymore because of Master Larok’s attack.



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