The Promised Land

Day 24 to Day 54

2-28-14 session

1 month passes as the group settles into their new lives as slaves. Some are put in the arena to fight, others are put in the mines to extract obsidian, some are experimented on like lab rats, and others are made to be servants of the slave compound leaders.

After that month, Hellavina works up the courage to apologize to the Tribe. They are quiet at first but they say, “Help us get out of here then.” She agrees as the group begins to inspect the large slave compound that feels like a small village surrounded by large walls. They find that a few of the slaves are treated with respect by others and with their help and trust, the Tribe might be able to create a riot or at least help them escape.

The group finds one of these respected slaves: Raneel. Though he is not too happy with his life and misses his wife and find that he wants to kill himself. They assure him that his wife is still alive in the marketplace. He is joyful to hear that and they try to help him escape the compound. But they fail in doing so; some of them are beaten for their insolence while Raneel is killed for trying to escape.

The group also finds the mul slave Odon, who is very sick. He seems to be going blind but still trusts Hamanu for his grace to save him. The group tries to convince him that Hamanu is evil and that the Chief could heal him. He sounds interested but his faith wavers and the group is unable to keep him alive. The sickness kills him and infects some of the group.

The next day they meet Nazarr who holds Hamanu up as his god. He explains that he and many of the generations of his family were born here in the slave compound of Urik. They also recognize Nazarr as one of the slaves that captured them. He had no personal qualms with them but was just doing what he was ordered to do. The group begins to tell him of the Chief and how this life he leads now is not beneficial for him and his two kids (Oo’rong and Sil’rong). But he follows up with the fact that his strength comes from Hamanu himself and it will keep him and his family safe. Ra’th displays his own strength claiming that the Tribe is what gives him his strength and that it is much more powerful than Hamanu himself. Nazarr is stricken with grief as the group begins to tell him and his children what the outside is like and that if he helps them, they will let him join the Tribe. He agrees as he explains that they will need to get Oo’rong out of the compound to be an outside help for them. The slavers won’t know he’s gone since he’s too young to work and is not on their books.

The group this time is able to save a slave, Fenrann, from the plague that is going around the compound and in the process, convert him to their Tribe. They also are able to get Oo’rong to escape that night as well.

After many deaths and failures, the Tribe finally has the trust of most of the slaves their in Urik.



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