The Promised Land

Day 23, Morning to Night

1-31-14 session

The group begins to buy and sell various magic items they have for the group. They meet a few interesting merchants, one being a elf woman by the name of Raneel who is illegally selling goods in the main market as opposed to the elven marketplace. She is trying to raise money to buy her husband out of slavery.

The Tribe rests in Hellavina’s home with her personal servant, Gregnos. That night Hellavina wakes Coraline and explains who she is. The eladrin says she’s made a mistake: she is a templar of Urik and was told to find their Tribe for the Sorcerer-King, Hamanu and lead them here to Urik. This was in exchange for Hellavina’s sister, Hollykahn who took the blame for her crime a hundred years ago. Hellavina realizes her mistake and wishes for the Tribe to leave Urik immediately in the night. But it’s too late as Templars begin to raid her house. They subdue the Tribe with some hired mercenaries and a few slaves on their side. They knock out some of them and lead them all (including Hellavina) to Hamanu’s temple. Gregnos was the reason the Templars knew the Tribe was here as he asks for forgiveness from Hellavina who holds no grudge to her servant.

Nadarr wakes from being knocked out to the sound of metal scraping metal, which haunts him from his previous years as a slave. The group finds themselves in a grand temple full of pillars and yellow and orange sculptures. The Tribe is bound in shackles with one another. Their items, armor, and weapons have all been taken as they are in nothing but loin clothes. Also, a strange neck collar brace is bound to each of them with a chain attached to their wrists and ankles. Weird runes are etched to the collars as well.

Many slaves gather to benefit one man in the large room they enter; a menacing man with flowing golden robes on him. One of the templars who captured the group demands them to kneel before the great lion god himself, Hamanu.

Hamanu inspects each member of the Tribe for a moment, ignoring any comments or pleas the Tribe might have and ignoring Rath and Ja’th for he considers their breed inferior. He acknowledges Nadarr’s past scars and reassures the dragonborn that he will be a fine addition to his arena. He recognizes Ryukin to be a noble of the Thallum house and lets a scribe know that they must send a letter to the half-elf’s family and know of his “death.” He says to Ryukin that he will not personally kill him, but that once becoming a slave of Urik, you are considered dead to your family. He looks at Coraline and asks questions of their Tribe, wondering where the original Chief is. She is hesitant to say anything but threatens Nadarr’s life unless she speaks. She explains what happened to their Tribe originally at the Farm and that the Chief is dead and that she is Chief now. Hamanu mentions that he thought he sent enough soldiers to destroy their village but is not concerned now since he has the rest of them now. He tries to take the Chief feather from her head but his hand is burned in the process by a bright light. His hand is scarred and he ignores her after that. He turns to Seluku and Keturah and is quite fascinated with them, thinking that they are being controlled by a wizard in their group, but they assure him they have a mind of their own. He says his wizards will love to dissect them later.

Finally, Hellavina says to Hamanu that their Chief is dead and that’s all that mattered so they can be set free now. Hamanu ignores her pleas and instead applauds Hellavina’s good work. She asks for her sister and Hamanu responds, “We heard you were the real reason that part of the obsidian mine was destroyed many years ago, not her. You claimed the mines needed to stop excavating the obsidian or else it would destroy Urik. Well, it’s been over a century and nothing has happened. My council says your theory was wrong. You wished for me to be a fool, didn’t you? No matter, as long as you agree that the mines are fine, your sister will be let go. I am a reasonable god, your ruler hears his minions pleas. So, do we have a deal?” He offers his hand to the eladrin. Hellavina is hesitant at first but says, “Ok,” and offers him her left hand. Upon taking his hand she feels a sharp pain as her hand begins to wither. He raises his voice as her hand is slowly withers to bone and is destroyed, “I am a reasonable ruler, but also a just god. You will take Hollykahn’s place in the slave compound with these people as well. Because of your insolence and selfishness all those years as your sister suffered!” He lets go of her stump for a hand and yells, “Now, all of you, begone!”

The hunters collect the group and they are all escorted to the slave compound. Behind them, they hear the Sorcerer-king mutter, “An eye for an eye, a hand for a hand…” Reality hits the group hard: They are now slaves of Urik.



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