The Promised Land

Day 18, Morning to Afternoon

11-21-13 session

The group finishes off the mushroom enemies and make their way to a large room. This large temple room has an altar in the corner and in the center is a purple light coming from a pit. Inside the pit is the crown of dust and, before the group can get their hands on it, a couple of shadowy worms and wraiths begin to attack them. Seluku is unable to fight until he finally is able to put his hands on the crown himself. Once doing this, part of the desert seed breaks off from his forehead and merges with the crown. A large earthquake uproots the pit to level ground as a strange, beautiful brown pillar shoots up from the ground (the Tribe would later come to know this pillar to be what is called a “tree”). Emerging from the tree is a strange, woman, made of wood and leaves, and she says:

Do not fear for that which you have not seen before, for I, Keturah, bring a joyful announcement: The Chief has brought you through much turmoil and strife, but your steps are even closer this day to the Promised Land. He knows you feel sadness for what happened on that day when many perished because of you but he offers his hands if you wish for forgiveness. The crown on my head is offered to all who wish to receive this gift and you will gain the invitation into the land that is filled with water and game for all. I will be your guide along with the one who has sacrificed himself, Seluku. Let us vanquish this evil that has tainted the temple we dwell in. Our travels continue to the North.

Seluku gains the will to fight again and Keturah helps the group in conquering the undead foes.



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