The Promised Land

Day 18, Afternoon to Day 23, Morning

12-6-13 session

After a short rest the group finds the dust devil outside has come to a halt. They come to the entrance of the cave and fight a few raiders who appear to be a part of the group led by Yarnath. The heroes look outside and see Slither, a large construct made by Yarnath himself that creeps across the desert towards the Tribe. The party runs away from Slither and, even though it becomes a large and arduous task, they escape with the crown of dust in their hands.

The Tribe realizes they must head north now and, since Urik is along the road they are traveling to the north, Hellevina offers them a place to rest and regroup in her home in Urik. The Tribe agrees and they travel north for 5 days. During their travels Coraline expresses to the group they must find if the new people that have accompanied them want to join their tribe. With Keturah already an honorary member, Rath and Ryukin say they want to join but Hellevina notices that the rest of the group doesn’t completely trust her so she says, “Come with me to Urik and I will show you where my loyalty lies.” Rath and Ryukin gather around the fire one night on their travels and hear that every Tribe member’s initiation was done in different ways. Coraline chants a prayer using the Chieftain Feather and welcomes their two newest members: Rath and Ryukin.

After a few days of travel the group has resorted to stretching all of their rations and water to the whole group. They reach the gates of Urik in the late morning well rested but a few of them have succumbed to sun sickness.



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