The Promised Land

Day 17, Afternoon to Day 18, Morning

9-27-13 session

The group is confronted by a group of mercenaries called the Red Chord. They seem to have been hired by House Shom for some reason. They begin a stressful conversation while Ja’th is disturbed by the undead spirit living in the urn who in turn, hurts him. Nadarr hears the conversation with the mercenaries and peaks his head around the corner, scaring the mind-controlled gith. The gith attacks and the group begins their battle with the Red Chord. Ryukin comes out of his dream-like state and helps the group. After getting up from the throne, though, an elderly eladrin woman magically appears onto the chair. She gets up and begins to help the party in their skirmish.

Seluku goes down during the fight but Rath is able to keep him from totally dying. After the fight the group makes camp there in the room (Seluku is able to rest up as well). They are then greeted by their mysterious savior: Hellevina. She explains she has heard of the Tribe and has decided to help them on their quest for her own reasons. Ryukin recognizes her being from Urik, a noble of some sort. He seems a bit worried as he tries to give a secret word to her to see if she is part of the Veiled Alliance. She doesn’t recognize it and explains that as an elderly wizard she is able to teleport herself to certain places once a month; she found out where the group was as well in her magical studies. The group only tells her so much information and ask her to stay with them at least for the night while they continue to go deeper into the caverns. She happily agrees.

The next morning Coraline explains to the group that she had a dream last night from the Chief. He explained that they are on the right path and that what they are looking for is the Crown of Dust. She seems excited about the news and is eager to continue into the caverns. After gaining some loot from the mercenary group and the rooms they had explored already, they continue further deep into the caverns.



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